L Raines Newborn Session || Capturing Bliss Photography Studio

It’s Friday which means Newborn Session BLOG post! Woohoo!

This studio session may be one of my most favorites! I mean beautiful Momma, squishy baby boy and sweet blonde sissy. How could it not be a favorite?!?  I love when Momma brings reinforcements to our sessions and this one brought her twin sissy (who you’ll see in a few shots just for fun).

I wanted to go with more neutral tones for little L’s session and I think they turned out exactly what I had in mind and of course Alyssa was so sweet and loved all of the setups too. We were able to do “family portraits”, some sweet less posed shots of baby boy, two props and a few beanbag poses – these are the last ones and some of my favorite! Don’t miss them!

While brother was taking a milk break, twin sissy and big sister went outside in the back of the studio to try to get some “2” pictures but we walked away with a few with Auntie that I loved. 🙂 Got to remember we can’t force them to do things we want to. Even though I loved the pictures of her cuddling with Auntie so much better than I would have imagined.

Lawson Newborn Studio Session BLOG 40Lawson Newborn Studio Session BLOG 41Lawson Newborn Studio Session BLOG 42Lawson Newborn Studio Session BLOG 43Lawson Newborn Studio Session BLOG 44




S Lewter 8 Month Milestone Session || Sims Lake Park, Suwanee, GA

I love this sweet little family so much and we had such a great time at Sims Lake Park in Suwanee, GA for Silas’ 8 Month Session! His big brother did kinda steal the show in the beginning though. What are big brother’s for, right?





EJ’s In-Home Newborn Session || Atlanta, Georgia

In this profession, you meet a lot of people, I mean A LOT of people. You come in contact with the “Uncle Bob’s” at weddings, the 2 year old that doesn’t want to take a picture, babies, Momma’s (first time ones and veterans of 5 kiddos), you meet people in love and just starting out a journey of marriage, and you have some clients that turn into great friends. God created each one of these people differently with different personalities, different skin color, different ideas to capture so when you come across a couple/family that is so genuine it sticks out to you. This couple is one of those. This was my first time capturing them in front of my camera, first time meeting them in person and they made a huge impact on me. If you ever have the priviledge of meeting this couple, you will be extremely blessed. They are relaxed, joyful, kindhearted, and so genuine. Their love for Jesus shines so brightly and I’m so thankful word of mouth of CBP made it to them. I hope they remain a #cbpcouple #cbpfamily for life.

This precious couple brought home the sweetest, most calm and squishy cheek baby boy! He literally let us do a ton of family pictures (lifestyle), two props – one inside and one outside in some ivy – oh my goodness, those are my favorite outdoor ones eva! He even let me finish up doing some beanbag shots squeezing those chunky cheeks!!! His Dada is a Delta pilot so when he asked about adding his hat in some shots – of course I said, “PLEASE!”

Take a few minutes to check out this amazing, sweet in-home newborn session, you won’t regret it!

Are these not the best?!?!

I’m in love with textures these days and this fringe is so fun!

We can’t forget about these precious family shots!

Check out this adorable nursery! Baby blues, neutrals, a promise written on the wall. Little boy I hope you love growing up in this room!

EJ Newborn Session - CBP Blog 1

I am so honored to have the opportunity to photograph these babies and families!




Alice + Yates Atkinson Wedding || Greenville, SC | Zen: An Elegant Space for Hire

In February, I finally got to meet these two face-to-face when we did their engagement session the day before Alice’s best friend, Anna, got married (which I also photographed – check it out here). Through the last few months, we discussed all the details of her wedding day from when should she start getting ready to reception timeline and how they should exit. Alice and Yates are two of the kindest people and I am honored they asked me to photograph their beautiful wedding!

Even though Alice is not a coffee drinker (I know… I can’t fathom it either), she and I had a great rapport and that’s exactly what you want on your wedding day. I was able to spend even more time with them when I had the privilege of photographing and attending their rehearsal dinner. I heard meaningful, thoughtful and touching (*I may have teared up at one point*) speeches from their friends and family, I heard so much LAUGHTER through the whole night and met Alice’s grandmother who actually paid for her photography. Grandma (“Gaga”) and I emailed back and forth through the whole process and it was a relief and a joy to finally hug her neck at the rehearsal dinner.

Zen was a spectacular and unique venue we loved shooting at in the heart of Downtown Greenville, SC. The ladies hair and make up was spot on by the professional ladies of GLAM Salon. The band, Straight Fire, was on FIRE during the reception! They were great to work with – their spectacular music had everyone dancing and singing along – and willing to work with me during the whole evening. If you’re looking for an amazing band – book them. BOOK THEM NOW!

Here are a just a few of the amazing images we were able to capture on this gorgeous June Saturday!

Alice and Yates nailed their first look in the courtyard. Their expressions say everything. First looks even in the middle of the day in full sun are still my favorite! This gives the bride and groom a minute to be themselves, to enjoy each other’s company without any one else around telling them to do something. It’s priceless, it’s important and it makes for some gorgeous images of true emotion.


Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 86Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 87Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 88Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 89

Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 90

We even snuck in a few portraits during golden hour during the reception!

Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 119Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 120Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 121Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 122Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 123Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 124Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 125Atkinson Wedding - CBP Blog (June 30, 2018) 127

Venue | Zen: An Elegant Space for Hire

Hair + Make Up | GLAM Salon Greenville

Band | Straight Fire

Cake + Cupcakes | Publix

Florist | Family Friend

Bride’s Dress | David’s Bridal 

Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Show Me Your Mumu




H Grace In-Home Newborn Session || Atlanta, Georgia

I had the honor and joy of doing Allison and Micheal’s Engagement Session at Piedmont Park a couple of years ago. When Allison reached out to me when she was pregnant about doing her baby girl’s Newborn Session, I couldn’t say no! These two are the sweetest soul’s and their baby girl is the best of both of them!

Allison created the most unique nursery theme of UNICORNS and PINK everywhere! I don’t think it could be any more perfect for her to grow in! I love Allison gave her, her maiden name and Rose as a middle name – so feminine and precious.

I can’t tell you how much I love when family members, like grandparents, are included in a Newborn Session. This one was no different. They were completely smitten by this little one. Little Harper did so so good during the whole time and those peach cheeks were so kissable! Enjoy all the sweet images from this adorable and pink overloaded session!

Harper Rose Newborn Session BLOG40



E Bonner Newborn Session || CBP Studio | Lawrenceville, GA

In 2014, I had the honor of photographing the Bonner’s first session which was Emma’s Newborn Session. Ever since then I have been working to be a better Newborn Photographer and to be honest, I’ve loved every minute of it. Momma requested we do the sweet foggy pose for Evie and I said, “Let’s do it!” They both have those sweet plump lips!

Emma is already a wonderful big sister and she was a little smitten by her new baby sister for sure!

At both Sessions, all the sweet grandparents who were in town came to the session to sneak in some really sweet pictures!

Baby details will always be my favorite! Especially those spit bubbles and teeny toes!


E Bonner Newborn Session BLOG 2E Bonner Newborn Session BLOG 21E Bonner Newborn Session BLOG 23

She let us put her in one prop then moved onto the bean bag shots which turned out to be some of my favorite with those chunky cheeks that I could just eat up!

Know anyone who’s pregnant and looking for a Newborn Photographer?! I still have a few dates available for 2018. Have them email me today at Jaelyn@capturingblissphoto.com! I would love to snuggle those fresh babies!!

Studio: Capturing Bliss Photography

Headbands/Tiebacks: Girlologie Photo Props




My Headshots || Boulder Creek Coffee in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Hey There!

I have been a paid professional photographer for 10 years and this last month is the first time I hired someone to do some headshots. I have no idea why I never did it before now. Sure, I can say it was because I didn’t have the $ in the bank, I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t think I needed to… etc. Let’s just be honest, I just didn’t make the time to.

It’s a ton of work getting ready for a photo session! I got my nails done because I knew they needed to look “presentable”. I went to several stores trying to find a mainly white dress with sleeves that was long… do you have any idea how hard that is?!?! Why can’t they make dresses with sleeves? I ended up feeling defeated and came home with new shoes and ordered a dress (praying that it would fit!) on Amazon and it’s not exactly the dress I had in mind but it worked. I did end up having to go purchase a slip *see-through dress alert* which I ended going to two stores for. I had to put a good amount of make-up on to cover dark circles under my eyes and curl that hair to make it look somewhat pretty in pictures.

All this to say – this was just for me to get ready. Those that get an entire family ready for a family session – I SEE YOU! I know that you worked out to bribe those kiddos to smile and behave, to convince your hubby to be in a good mood, to get coordinating outfits together and then ultimately get yourself ready. WOW! You should deserve a medal when you arrive (even if you’re running 5 minutes behind)!!!

Then let’s talk about what it’s like to be in front of the camera. I’m always the one that has the camera, whether with my family, on vacation or on holidays so it’s rare that I’m the one in front of it. It’s a lot of pressure. Beleive me, I could say I’m not photogenic, I don’t like my profile, do I wear my glasses or do I take them off? My smile is huge, do I try the smolder look. Oh no, don’t do that! Are my hands in the right spot, do I lean forward, do I sit or stand? All of these things went through my head before and during the session. If I do that, I know you are probably doing the same thing during your session. This is why I try to talk through poses, hand placements, change positions, have a variety of smiling at the camera, laughing with your man or children. I want it to be a comfortable experience not an awkward one.

In need of a #familyphotographer who will know exactly what you went through to get to your session?! I’m your girl! Let’s do it together!

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 2.19.28 PMJaelyn











Here are a few of my favorites from my Session with Hannah-Marie Photography! You can follow her on Social Media – Facebook and Instagram!


Spring Mini Sessions 2018 || Grayson, Georgia

Spring Mini Sessions came and went and I LOVED how everything turned out! Ah! I mean…

White drapes

At my Momma’s home

Green pastures

Cooler weather

Peonies and tulips

Smiling faces and happy little ones

We had so much fun and I can’t wait for our next Mini’s! Make sure to keep a lookout for our next ones! I saw that the sunflower fields will be ready in early July! Anyone interested in doing them?!? We did them last year and I was over the moon being in a sunflower field all day but the images we walked away with were AMAZING! In the meantime, check out my favorites from our May Mini’s below! ↓



M Tarbutton Newborn Session || In Home Lifestyle Session | Monroe, GA

I have known the Tarbutton’s since before kids when we were just couple’s in a New Married’s Couples Sunday School. I have seen them without kids, anxiously awaiting pregnant with their first and now bringing home their second daughter. Throughout it all, they have remained strong, faithful and deliberately following hard after God’s plan for their lives. It has been an honor watching their family grow and see all that God is doing in and through their lives.

Kara is one of kind – she is so intelligent, a great listener and you can already tell she is absolutely head over heels for her baby sister. Kacie happen to have the perfect light pink rug in the nursery that I took full advantage of using for this adorable in-home newborn session. Miriam slept like a champ during the whole thing and we couldn’t be happier with how all of the images turned out – especially since it was a gorgeous day, we even took some outside. Which made both Kacie and I thrilled!

CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 1

CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 4CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 5

CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 11CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 12CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 13

CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 24CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 25CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 26CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 27CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 31CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 28CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 32CBP_MT Newborn Session_BLOG 34




W Wood | 1 Year Session || Grayson, GA

Little W has such a sweet personality – was running around in the field, showing off all his facial expressions and making us all giggle with his cheesy smiles. W’s mom asked me to do his cake smash session and I was so excited when I found out it was the same theme that we did for Henry’s 1st birthday!

I mean how cute is this lumberjack themed cake smash?!?!? I had the blanket, the tassel banner and my step dad contributed the stump and axe from the farm we did the session at. We made sure to grab a few family shots and then let him wild on the cake. And he went wild on it! I don’t think I’ve see a kid eat more than him during a cake smash session. He’s my kind of kid!!!

Enjoy these sweet images we were able to capture of W’s milestone session!




E Romaniw Newborn Session || CBP Studio | Lawrenceville, GA

Oh how I love this lady and her beautiful daughter! I had the honor of photographing Abbye’s wedding nearly two years ago (pregnant I may add) and it’s still one of my favorites! They had a day time wedding and I actually got home before dark which is unbelievable in itself. Ha!

Sweet Abbye moved out of state after getting married and then moved back to Georgia when they found out she was pregnant and oh how glad I am they did so I could do her maternity session and newborn session!

Dad couldn’t take time off work to come so we made sure to get the one shot he really wanted – the ones with the adorable baby weight rattle!!! OH those turned out to be my favorite as well!! Since Dad couldn’t make it, Grandma came and we were able to capture some sweet three generation shots and grandma shots. So so sweet!